Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canada, Oregon, and Home

We went from the city of Vancouver by ferry to Vancouver IS and Victoria. Had tea at an old inn, then went to where we were staying; a miniature mock Shakespeare village. Very interesting. Here we were introduced to this wonderful desert called “Trifle”. Basically it is a sort of pound cake with whatever the cook decides to put on top of the cake, fruits, nuts, whipped cream, etc. It is called “Trifle” because you put a trifle of this and a trifle of that in it. We had a good time in Canada and started home as planned along the coast of Oregon. Trip home was ok except, it was too cold to camp. 

Therefore, the night before we were to get back to California, we were driving along the coast road; it was getting late and we were tired and hungry. All the motels were full. Finally we found one “inn” that said vacancy so we pulled in and my daughter went in to see if we could stay there. The woman was hesitant, said she didn’t have anything available.  My daughter did an act. She said, her mother was in the car, didn’t feel well and was going to have surgery in a week. The woman relented and said ok if we paid her $40 in cash. We had just exactly $40 left in Travelers Checks. So, M said to me, make sure you limp in and act like you are in pain. Well I got my cane and played my role to the hilt. We slept well and got back to California in good shape. Then I drove home to Arizona.

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