Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the Way to Canada

I left San Diego and drove to Northern California and picked up my daughter. Then we headed towards Portland, OR to pick up my granddaughter. Before we got to Portland, we stopped at a roadside stand that was selling raspberries. Since my daughter and I and my grandaughter all love raspberries, M and I stopped and bought some. Then we got a carton of whipping cream and pigged out with raspberries and cream. However, we didn’t eat the all; decided to save some for J.

Another stop was at the site where Mt. St. Helens erupted. We drove back as close as we could get to the site of the eruption, picked up some ash and then drove back to the Interstate. On the way back, we stopped at a field where there were vendors selling souvenirs. I was buying a souvenir when someone shouted: “There she goes!”. I got so excited, I totally lost it; I shoved my credit card and stuff I was buying into the vendor’s hands to run to the car and get my camera. Fortunately M rescued my credit card. Mt. St. Helens was sending ash and smoke into the sky. We couldn’t see much because of clouds. Someone had a boat so we all went out on a small lake nearby in the boat to get a better view. I got some good photos. However, all the prints and negatives got lost in the process of my sending them to M and her sending them back to me. It was still pretty exciting.

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