Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you contimually telling your kid to clean up his/her room?See below as to why it keeps getting messed up.

Is your linen closet a mess? Do you constantly have to tell your kids to clean up their rooms? Do you know why things keep getting messed up? 

Well, here is one reason. There is a physics law called the second law of thermdynamics. (Don't panic). This law basically says that in a closed system, order eventually goes to disorder. To have order again, you have to put energy into the system. This is called entropy. So, to have your linen closet all nice and neat or your kids' rooms all picked up, you have to use energy (your energy) to pick everything up and/or rearrange the linen closet. When I was teaching and had to discuss entropy, this example always seemed to make sense to my students. You can add the word, entropy to your list of answers to trivia questions. 

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